typography and 4 part art design.

external image typography2.jpg external image fractal.gif
In this assingment we were asked to make a 4 part design which included a part as a face a part as a fractal,whuch is a cool design,
a part as a famous painting asnd a part as a repetition of letters,and when we are done we should combine all those together and produce only a design.for the typography we were asked to create a famous quote or sayings,mine was "oh what a goal"
This wasnt a group work it was independent work.we were given a whole term to finish this piece of ,they were the only things we were going to be graded on.
this pieces of work we were graded on i got a high grade becausee I studied hard.
external image Cartoon%20Black%20&%20White%20Man%20Face%20Only.jpg

this piece of work was highly significant because they were the only piece of work we were going to be graded on,which is a lot of marks for one work.it was extremly significant.it is a work that i was proud of and mr swell was also proud of.my effort grade was 7 and my work 7alll out of 7.now people in my class respect the quality of art works I peoduce.this work was not easy to complete perfectly because as you can see the fractal above ,yeah we had to draw and paint that.also the face.
richard osubor in my class also helped me to complete this work succesfully

overall this work has helped me organise my time and work efficiently because,I planed all my work and followed all the steps.I also had different folders to enhance my organisation

This piece of work has introduced me to all most all aspects of arts. I now sell produced stuff at my yard sales and that was because I can now paint like a star.
This work has made me more reliable on my self it also made me believe that I can pass art with Excellency unlike the previous years.
after this work i was even thinking of opening up a new market to sell stufs that i produce.this has also helped me because i did the art attack c and s and it made it allot easier.