helicopter lab
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this assingment was given to us at the end of second term of the eight grade,it is about ho gravity affects the speed of a certain object.
This project was about how gravity was related to the downwards speed of an object .this assignment was not a group work we were expected to write a lab report just like thee one above. we were asked to make a helicopter and put different mass of objects on it and see how the speed increases as the mass of the object increased.this work was due a week and half after it was given

This piece of work was significant because it was the only lab report which was for the term, so it took 50% of the terms grade, you must at least pass unless you have as good possibility of failing science. That is why it was significant .I thought that this project was easy because we were given a handout on how to write a successful lab report’s got a very high grade in this assignment, I got a 6 out of 6.
I chose this artefact for my wiki because I thought it was the most important assignment given to us by the science department.

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It improved my knowledge in science because we had to use scientific words to enhance our grades and therefore you had to make researches on it
It also inproved my knowledge in science because I now know what the earths gravity is which is 10J .This assignment has made me learn so many things in my day to day life for example it has tought me that if I drop a paper and a glass of water from a certain hight the eavier which is the glass of water will touch the ground first because of gravity.
This knowledge given to me by this assignment has made me have a high reputation in class because other 7th graders are now asking on how to do it,and if I give them the right answer they praise me.