Very Good
very little information
Reasonable amount of information
Above average amount of information
exceeding amount of information
Hard to navigate. Unable to find Links, navigating tough.
Reasonably hard to navigate. Some Links are clear, most others arent easy to find
Easy to Navigate. Mostly all links are clear and pages were mostly easy to find
Easy and Fun to navigate. Pages were easy to find, and links were clear, exceeding expectations
Entertainment Value
Boring, Very Dull in terms of pictures, entertaining speech.
Some entertainment viewable, pictures in some areas with very little entertaining speech.
Most pages have pictures and arent full of text, most text is informative and very little entertaining speech
All pages have pictures and entertaining speech. Some pages that were not asked for but are there for the readers delight.
Spelling + Grammar
Many errors within both grammar and Spelling. (10-25
Few errors within Grammar and Spelling. (5-10)
Very few Grammatical and Spelling errors. (1-5)
No Grammatical or Spelling errors.
Very few tones of colors, very dull in grey.
Different colors are there, but dont vary.
Colors are entertaining and add to the entertainment of the site, making it a better experience.
Using an extensive variety of tones and colors, very welcoming and intense.