this page highlights an important aspect of the myp program, community and service, it also reflects on it.

On April 2nd, my friends and I hosted a bake sale. It was the first time, and so we were nervous. We have seen what some other bake sales look like. People run to the diamond area as if the apocalypse was chasing them. Only to get a 1st pick on the variety of baked goods, and other sweet home-made products. It's important for the products to be home-made, I think that is so because neglecting to do the baking part will ruin the whole service experience, as anyone can go out and buy krispy kreme and sell them, I think the term for that is business, and this is community service

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It was my pleasure hosting the bake sale and look forward to doing many more of the same caliber. We sometimes take community service for granted and think of it like a quiz, ace it and you're in the good books, but we sometimes neglect the real purpose of a quiz to learn and understand. It is essentially the same with community and service, as we must take in all we can, and understand how to make the community a better place. I learnt a lot from this experience, it helped me understand that nothing (this may sound somewhat cliché, but believe me it isn’t) if I put my mind to I can't do, and that is what made the difference from nice, to indescribable, that one little thing that we do with our minds can make the difference.