This is a timeline we did for humanities, i didnt get a good mark so that opens more room for me to reflect. When i first started working on it in class, i didnt focus much attention to what the teacher said, who is Mr. Seeney. I thinked that was what let me down, as he explained everything througholy but i thought i was to cool to listen.

I guess that shows that focus and hardwork in class get you somewhere, and arent things we do for the sake of doing.
i chose this timline becuase it was one of the most significant thing that we did in humaanities.
i also chose it because i tought that it was a master piece i created.
i tought this assingment was pretty hard because, i had never done it before and it was not a group work assingment and it was pretty random.
i got a good grade suprisingly, i never espected that anyway i worked hard on it so i deserved it
Heres my timeline, i turned it in like this, too bad.

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So that was it, it wasnt even fully complete. However, i did pass, as some o the uncompleted textboxes were just addons and not part of the assgiment. I didnt enjoy doing the timeline. it was a gruuling in class proccess which i hated but had to do. Overall, i did like most of my other Humanities projects, but in this case it wasnt appealing.i