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This Essay was done for english, i had a good time writing it. we basically had to do an essay reflecting on a book we had read, we read in groups of five, my book was Carrie's war. At first the book was extremely dull but as my group and i got further towards the end, we couldnt stop. I always find a lot of books like that, i think the writer starts of akward, but then the words start flowing and its like he cant stop until the climax.this essay was not a group work but the actual reading of the books was a group work.

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I believe it was the same for me writing this, at first it was pretty hard to write, but all the information was stored in my head, and when that lock opened it was all good.i chose this for my wiki because i tought it was one of the hardest things i had done for the english department .i was latter proud,very proud of the end results,i got an excellent pefromance even though i didnt put much effort.i was really happy.

I got a pretty good grade for it, I remember it was 27/30, which is excellent in my books. I think what had helped me as it gave me a great start to the year. I also enjoyed all the group work and found the discussions we had in regards to the bookto be very effective, as they helped me verify what so important and in which order to write it in the essay.this essay has improved my vobulary incredibly,becuase we had to read the two book,and you know book helps a persons vocabulery alot.

Ultimately, i had a great time doing it, and hope you have a great time reading it!